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Hand Gliding Insurance

Hang Gliding is perhaps the most exhilarating of Air Sports. But when you’re soaring for hours catching the thermals and updrafts, it’s great to know that your valuable equipment, is  covered by an Adventsure policy underwritten at Lloyd’s of London. Keeping your equipment in tip top condition is the key to safety in this sport and with a Hang Gliding Insurance policy from Adventsure your know that your equipment is covered anywhere in the United Kingdom and up to 56 days in Europe

What can we offer you?

Damage to Hang Gliding Equipment

Hang Gliding equipment including; aluminum alloy or composite frames, sailcloth’s, rigging , control frames and harnesses can all be covered against accidental damage and loss by a policy from Adventure. We offer comprehensive insurance for hang gliders and equipment on a Worldwide “All risks” basis. Whether your equipment is at home, in store or in use, you can benefit from our wide policy wording underwritten at Lloyd’s of London. Cover is on a new for old basis up to a maximum sum insured of £15,000. Obtain your quote and insurance online today.

Personal Accident

We are unable to offer Personal Accident insurance  cover for person taking part in the activity of Hang Gliding

Public Liability

We are unable to offer Public Liability Insurance cover for person taking part in the activity of Hang Gliding

policy benefits


    We settle your claim on a New for Old basis.There is no depreciation cover on any equipment you insure other than clothing.

  • Wide Cover

    Our policy will cover your equipment against physical loss or damage on an “All-risks” basis.  If your hang gliding equipment is lost or damaged , we will also provide cover for the temporary hire of replacement equipment for any pre-booked or pre-paid  event.

  • Cover in the United Kingdom & Europe

    We cover you for use of your equipment anywhere in the United Kingdom and for for up to 56 days in the European Union.


    Be covered for use whilst you take part in competitions as an amateur.

  • Cover Whilst in Use

    Your equipment is covered whilst it is being use as well as being stored or in Transit.

  • Underwritten at Lloyd's of London

    Your Adventsure Hang gliding equipment insurance policy is underwritten at Lloyd’s of London and fully administered in the United Kingdom.

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    What Cover can you Offer

    For Hang Gliding enthusiasts, we can offer cover for equipment. Due to the nature of the sport we cannot provide cover for Personal Accident or Public Liability.

    Can i take my Hang Glider abroad

    Yes- We will cover you in the European Union for a period of up to 56 days in any one period of insurance. If you are unsure if a country you are visiting will be covered, please contact our office.

    Please note when travelling abroad with your hang gliding equipment, we will not cover  any damage or loss or theft of sports equipment whilst in transit which has not been packed in accordance with carriers recommendations or which has not been reported to the carrier and a written report obtained.

    In the case of an airline a Property Irregularity Report will be required.

    Can i use my equipment in competitions

    Yes- We do include competition use for amateur sports persons Our product is tailored to amateurs or semi-professionals (earning less than £4,000 per year through their sport) taking part in sports and activities, including competitions.

    How can i make a claim

    Full details are contained within your policy document which will be e-mailed to you as soon as you purchase cover

    When will my cover start

    Your cover will start as soon as your purchase cover. Policy documents will be sent to you immediately.

    Can i include other Sports

    Yes- Your Adventure policy can be tailor made to suit your needs, if you participate in other sports, these can also be included.

    Photo Credits- Thank You

    We’d like to thank the following photographers for allowing us to use their images on our site. If you have a moment, why not take a look at their other work.


    Hang Gliding at Fort Funston by Nan Palmero

    Untitled By Dan Timmermann

    Hang gliding in São Conrado  by Marcin Wichary 

    Hang Gliding in São Conrado by Marcin Wichary

    Hang Gliding Over Barra by Jordan Fischer

    All images displayed under a Creative Commons Licence

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