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Skydiving is one of the first challenges that springs to mind when raising money for charity is discussed.  You can jump unsponsored for a few hundred pounds or if you manage to raise enough money for your chosen charity, you can often parachute for free.

Jumping either on your own  or in  tandem (strapped to a fully qualified parachutist who will operate the parachute)  is an exhilarating experience and can be financially rewarding for your chosen charity as well. Although  tandem jumping is extremely safe, when that plane door opens you’ll still be pleased you have an Personal Accident and Public Liability Insurance policy from Adventsure

What can we offer you?

Equipment Insurance

We offer “All-Risks” insurance covering your skydiving equipment including; helmets, jumpsuits, harnesses,canopies,tandem gear, altimeters etc against physical loss or damage including theft.

Our policy will cover you on an annual basis anywhere in the United Kingdom and up to  56 days in the  and insurance applies not only whilst in transit or whilst in store but also whilst being used.

Personal Accident

We are unable to offer Personal Accident insurance  cover for persons taking part in the activity of Skydiving

Public Liability

We are unable to offer Public Liability Insurance cover for persons taking part in the activity of Skydiving

policy benefits


    Skydiving is a sport where you will want to make sure that your equipment is nothing less than in perfect condition, you’ll also  want to make sure your equipment is fully protected in the event of loss or damage. We provide you with cover on an “All-Risks” basis.


    Our policy will cover your equipment against physical loss or damage on an “All-risks” basis.  If your skydiving equipment is lost or damaged , we will also provide cover for the temporary hire of replacement equipment for any pre-booked or pre-paid  event.


    We cover you for use of your equipment anywhere in the United Kingdom and for for up to 56 days in the European Union.


    Our Adventsure policy automatically extends to cover you for taking part in  competitions. The product is tailored to amateurs or
    semi-professionals (earning less than £4,000 per year through their sport)


    Your equipment is covered whilst it is being use  as well as being stored or in Transit.


    Your Adventsure Skydiving  insurance policy is underwritten at Lloyd’s of London and fully administered in the United Kingdom.

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    How long is my policy valid for

    Adventsure polices are valid for a period of 12 months

    Can i obtain immediate cover

    Yes, it most cases, you can buy your cover online and your policy documents will be e-mailed to you as soon as payment is made.

    Are there an restrictions on how many time I jump

    There are no restrictions on the policy of how many times you jump or from what height.

    Photo Credits

    We’d like to thank the following photographers for allowing us to use their images on our site. If you have a moment, take a look at their other work.

    My First Sky Dive by Jay Phillips

    Steves Sky Dive

    Skydive Chicago by Eric Schmuttenmaer

    Taupo Skydive  by Robert Engberg

    All Images displayed under a Creative Commons Licence

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