Angling news

Angling news
11th October 2016
Bob Andrews

 December Angling News

Better deal required for Sea Bass Fishermen

According to a report in the Plymouth Herald    Anglers are demanding a fairer deal on Sea Bass catches. The Government has caused consternation amongst recreational fishermen by placing strict limits on the amount of fish they can catch whilst at the same time increasing limits for commercial fisherman.

In 2016, recreational anglers were banned from keeping any fish for the first 6 months then limited to just one fish a day.
To us, this seems particularly harsh as although bass stocks are in decline and something does have to be done to protect them, in our opinion recreational fisherman taking home small numbers of fish home is not the problem.

There are also  wider implications on this ban as charter boat hire is a big part of the tourism industry in Devon & Cornwall, since the restrictions on Bass fishing, bookings have been down.

Let’s hope going forward at this month’s December fishing opportunities meeting, an amicable solution can be found for all parties allowing fishing boat charter to thrive in Devon & Cornwall’s fragile economy.

Kids to fish for Free
Some excellent news from the Environmental Agency which hopefully will encourage more people to taking up the sport of Fishing and importantly do much to encourage children to take up the sport for the first time.

From March 2017 when the new licences are issued, a new Three Road licence will be introduced which will enable big fish hunters to purchase one licence instead of as previously having to purchase two full licences.  Junior fisherman between the ages of 12-16 will in future be able to fish for free.

Monies for the new rod licences will be  ploughed back into England’s fisheries, and is used to fund a wide range of projects to improve facilities for anglers.”

The new rod licence charges from March 2017

Every season the new rod licence goes on sale on March 1 and expires the following year on March 31.
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