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If the noble art of fencing is your chosen sport, you’ll be pleased to know that Fencing Insurance is now available from Adventsure, we will offer a range of covers including; accidental damage theft and loss to equipment , personal accident cover in case of injury  and public liability. Cover is available singularly or as a combined policy.   

What can we offer you?

Damage to equipment

We provide cover for loss or damage to equipment on a worldwide all-risks basis to include all fencing equipment such as ; epees, foils, sabres, protective clothing and masks.  Damage caused to equipment whilst in use is also covered as well accidental damage theft and loss.

Personal Accident

Fencing is an extremely safe sport but as with all sports there is a still a chance you may become injured. A policy from Adventsure will cover you against injuries sustained whilst fencing providing a range of capital benefits and a weekly benefit if you are temporally unable to carry out your normal occupation.

Public Liability

As with any type of contact sport, fencing does carry a chance that either a fellow competitor or a member of the public will be injured.  Nowadays person are more aware of seeking compensation for injuries and even if negligence cannot be proved against you, claims have to be defended which cost time and money. Our policy will provide up to £2,000,000 indemnity including costs accrued in the course of defending any action.     

policy benefits


    We insure your fencing equipment on a New for Old basis.  We deduct wear and tear in respect of clothing only


    Our policy will cover your equipment against physical loss or damage on an “All-risks” basis.  If your fencing  equipment is lost or damaged , we will also provide cover for the temporary hire of replacement equipment for any pre-booked or pre-paid  event.


    We cover you for use of your equipment anywhere in the United Kingdom and for  up to 56 days in the European Union.


    Our Adventsure policy automatically extends to cover you for taking part in  competitions. The product is tailored to amateurs or semi-professionals (earning less than £4,000 per year through their sport)


    Your equipment is covered whilst it is being use  as well as being stored or in Transit.


    Your Adventsure Hang gliding equipment insurance policy is underwritten at Lloyd’s of London and fully administered in the United Kingdom.

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    Do you cover all forms of fencing

    We cover fencing and historical fencing.

    Can I be covered for Accidents

    Yes, we can insure you against personal accident with an option to include a weekly disability payment.

    Will I be covered for Competitions

    Yes, we automatically cover you for competition use providing you do not earn more than £4000 per annum from your sporting activities

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