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If you see a mountain climb it; this sport has been in existence for hundreds if not thousands of years. The modern mountaineer employs a series of techniques that require a highly dedicated approach and a good deal of organization to ensure that everyone stays safe from the three main hazards that affect all mountaineers; the weather, falling and avalanches. We can’t help you with your organization but if you want to reach the summit, we can help you with insurance to cover your equipment, liability and personal accident.

What can we offer you?

Damage to Equipment

Mountaineering equipment can be expensive to replace especially if you are unlucky enough to lose all of your gear in one go which can happen even to the best prepared.  For mountaineers we can offer insurance for your all your equipment including; harnesses, axes,crampons,helmets, ropes,carbiners and of course clothing. As our policy has been especially designed for the sports enthusiast, you’ll also be covered whilst your equipment is in use, something normally excluded by a home policy. You can choose your sum insured on a new for old basis up to maximum of £15,000.

Personal Accident

Even the best prepared mountaineer can sometimes fall victim to the weather, slipping or avalanche and this can result in injury.  We can offer Personal Accident insurance covering your mountaineering activities providing a lump sum payment if you are injured. You can choose the sum insured you require suiting your needs.

Public Liability

Accidents involving members of the Public can occur and to help protect you against claims, we can offer you public liability insurance of £2,000,000.  You may find that certain organisations will require you to have public liability insurance in force before granting you permission to climb.

policy benefits


    As someone who takes the sport of mountaineering  seriously, you’ll want to make sure your equipment is fully protected in the event of loss or damage. We provide you with cover on an “All-Risks” basis.  We settle claims on a new for old basis with the only deduction being made for wear and tear in respect of clothing.


    Our policy will cover your equipment against physical loss or damage on an “All-risks” basis.  If your Mountaineering  equipment is lost or damaged , we will also provide cover for the temporary hire of replacement equipment for any pre-booked or pre-paid  event.

  • Cover in the United Kingdom and Europe

    We cover you for use of your equipment anywhere in the United Kingdom and for  up to 56 days in the European Union.


    Our Adventsure policy automatically extends to cover you for taking part in  competitions. The product is tailored to amateurs or semi-professionals (earning less than £4,000 per year through their sport)


    Your equipment is covered whilst it is being use  as well as being stored or in Transit.


    Your Adventsure Mountaineering insurance policy is underwritten at Lloyd’s of London and fully administered in the United Kingdom.

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    Do you offer cover for Solo Climbing

    We will offer cover for your equipment but not for Personal Accident or Public Liability

    Can I climb Abroad

    Yes- we provide cover for climbing in countries that are members of the European Union

    How long does your cover last

    Our policies are issued for 12 month terms. There is no limit on the number of climbs you can undertake during the 12 months

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